When Teachers Lead, Our Students Succeed

EmpowerEd works to elevate the voices of diverse teacher leaders in Washington, D.C.  We work with DCPS and DC Charter school teachers and organize collective work to make D.C. schools more equitable and inclusive places for all.  Our teacher council, representing a diverse cross-section of the city's educators, are focused on promoting teacher leadership, transparency, equity, student and teacher diversity, and holistic and just schools.  Through our teacher action groups, educators raise their voices calling for change and promote new teacher-driven policies ideas grounded in their own experience.  Through our partnership with Coworker.org, we will expand the chorus of DC teachers working to advance a new vision for DC education.  For too long, teacher voices have been left out of education debates driven by test scores and teacher "accountability"- but we can change that together and promote policies that respect, empower, and work to retain our great teachers.  Join our work.