Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association (MMAFA)

The Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association (“MMAFA”) is an association comprised entirely of mixed   martial artists and their trainers.  Modeled closely after the Major League Baseball Players’ Association and the Screen Actors Guild, the MMAFA will be led and directed by its members and their elected member representatives.  The MMAFA aims to maximize the influence and earning capacity of its members in the sport of mixed martial arts.The trademarks, logos, website, domains, and all other property of the MMAFA will be held in trust for the collective benefit of MMAFA members.  The MMAFA provides its members with a brand that can be monetized through the sale of merchandise, and through licensing to third parties.  The MMAFA also provides the following to all of its members:

  • Media platform and publicity vehicle to promote and publicize the activities of our members;
  • Revenue maximization through merchandising and licensing of collective brand; and
  • Lobbying, and if necessary, litigation vehicle.

For more information, visit http://mmafa.tv/.