NYC-DSA Tech Action

NYC-DSA Tech Action Working Group is developing a socialist perspective on the use of technology and strategies for resisting the tech industry’s hegemony in politics, economics, and culture in NYC. We believe that if properly harnessed, technological innovation can help establish a truly democratic and cooperative society on a global scale. However most new technologies are made available to us, and controlled by, large corporations hiding behind a sheen of innovation and altruism that obscures their worst capitalistic impulses. As it stands, the joys, freedoms, and socialist potential of technology are tightly bound by the chains of capitalism, tied to the inhumane logic of profit and competition. Our aim is to increase awareness and understanding — both within DSA and in the broader public — about these issues; to build political power to confront abuse and corporate overreach where it is already occurring; and to create democratically owned and operated alternatives.

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