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To: Alphapharm

A little respect for Tuan

A little respect for Tuan

Respectfully and formally apologise to Tuan (Don) Van for his disrespectful treatment after being diagnosed with cancer and provide a return-to-work plan that enables him to continue working at Alphapharm on reduced days and light duties as prescribed by his doctor.

Why is this important?

Tuan is 31. He is a big Brisbane Broncos fan. He has worked at Alphapharm since 2007. Recently, not long after being married, Tuan was diagnosed with cancer. A month after he finished his treatment, his baby girl arrived. Tuan has so many good things to look forward to, but after 7 years of hard work at Alphapharm management would not support him in the process of getting back to full health.

Any one of us could suffer a debilitating illness. Adding unnecessary financial burdens at a time like that is simply callous. Where will Don get future employment to support his young family if his employer of 7 years is not willing to assist him?

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • This could happen to anyone at anytime
  • Life's so fragile & unpredictable. Please support this young man's fight for his life during his most difficult times.
  • You'd think, a company that is focused on the health of others would show a bit more concern about the health of their own


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