To: A.J. Muste Institute Board of Directors

@ajmuste: Meet with the union about unjust termination!

We want the AJ Muste Institute board of directors to meet with the Muste Staff Union immediately to discuss the recent termination of program manager Jane Guskin, and to continue negotiating a first contract.

Why is this important?

On August 17, program manager Jane Guskin was "terminated" on her return from vacation, after dedicating over 24 years of her life to the Muste Institute's social justice mission. Muste management claims the firing is justified, but has refused to discuss it with Jane or with our independent Muste Staff Union. Jane was active in the union and in our ongoing collective bargaining negotiations, and had recently been given a disciplinary "warning" related to her advocacy for a co-worker's rights. Her firing also came after she filed unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB on behalf of her co-worker, and after management suddenly told the union it was done negotiating over the collective bargaining agreement.

In response to letters of solidarity with our union, management now says it will return to bargaining, but still refuses to discuss Jane's firing, claiming it's an "internal personnel matter." We disagree.

The Muste Institute and our union are named for A.J. Muste, a labor activist and anti-war leader who was well-known for bringing people together in dialogue. What would A.J. do? We think he would meet with the union.

By signing this petition, you can help us convince the Muste Institute board to meet with us. Your solidarity makes a difference!


Reasons for signing

  • An injustice to Jane Guskin is an Injustice To All!!!
  • I am deeply concerned about the actions taken by the Muste board against staff union members. As a member and former organizer on staff with War Resisters League, I know that the AJ Muste staff union's members have always kept the organization in line with its values. I hope to be able to say the same about the AJ Muste Institute board of directors in the future.
  • I have known Jane for more than 30 years, and she's always been a dedicated activist. It is hideously hypocritical for any institution that calls itself "progressive" to treat its workers with corporate-style injustice.


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