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To: Willy Street Coo-op CO & respective store leadership(s)

Allow doctors' notes to remove demerit-points from employee records.

This campaign has ended.

Allow doctors' notes to remove demerit-points from employee records.

Dear Willy Street Co-op leadership-staff charged with the creation and implementation of the new attendance policy which will be effective on July 1st of this year:

We, the hourly employees of the Willy Street Co-op's East, West, North, OSK and CO locations, hereby formally request that the new attendance policy (mentioned above) will include a caveat which allows for any employee who acquires demerit-points due to illness to have the option to have those demerit-points removed from their record by acquiring a doctor's note which confirms the employee's inability to work.

Logical. Reasonable. Cooperative.

Why is this important?

1) We're Not Trying To Re-Create The Wheel: During one of the East side's Attendance Policy meetings just a few days ago, two different co-op employees mentioned their experiences with prior employers who, in fact, used demerit-points systems which allowed employees to clear their respective record(s) of earned sick-time demerit-points when they provided a note from a doctor. Logical. Reasonable. Cooperative.

2) Our Request Is Very Minimal: Let's not get the specific medical-related argument which I'm making here, convoluted and intertwined with the minutia of hypotheticals that could be used as rationales to avoid such a reasonable request. (Such as: Missed plane flights, car trouble, an ill-timed train, etc.) No, what we are talking about here is an incredibly specific situation whereby an hourly employee's doctor has determined that they are not well enough to be in the workplace. Nothing more, and nothing less. Logical. Reasonable. Cooperative.

3) A Demerit System: Our new attendance policy is indeed a demerit system. Using the terminology "no fault" has its value; however, in this instance it is semantics. AND HERE'S WHY: Every point we earn---every single point---ushers us closer to termination. This, in fact, is an objectively perfect example of a demerit-based system.

Issuing demerits for doctor-authorized illnesses is essentially blaming employees for something that is not their fault. No one wants to be blamed and held accountable for something that isn't their fault. (If we held our new leadership accountable for the mistakes of previous leadership, that would absolutely not be logical, reasonable, or cooperative.)

4) The Doctor's Note System: In speaking with Willy Street leadership on multiple occasions, it has been alluded to that the GHC doctor's note system (currently in effect) is not reliable in certain capacities. If this is the case, let's simply create a FORM or SET OF CRITERIA which---when completed by the GHC doctor---will satiate our leadership's logistical needs, so that employees can remove demerit-points from their record when possible.

This solution is certainly more logical, reasonable, and cooperative than the broadsword approach of forcing demerits onto every hourly employee---regardless of the reason---which ultimately threatens the livelihood of the hourly employee at no-fault of their own. And, once again, we're only talking about doctor-approved illnesses. Nothing more.

5) Sick Work-Force: We've all signed an agreement that said we would not come to work if we were sick. Now, we are told that we will be demerited for calling-in sick. Thus, when we employees signed that agreement, a Catch 22 was created whereby we unknowingly consented to being demerited for being sick. (This is not logical, reasonable, or cooperative.)

It seems reasonable to predict that some employees will feel pressured to work when feeling sick under this new attendance policy in order to avoid receiving demerit-points.

6) Minority VS. Majority: It seems as though this specific element to the new attendance policy was created out of frustration in response to our prior lack of a policy. I would simply argue that this frustration—understandable though it is—is not a wholesome platform from which to create new policy. Rather than trying to create a policy that is determined to punitively locate and dismiss the employees who’ve sought to take advantage in the past (i.e., the vast minority), perhaps we could create a system which seeks to protect those employees who’ve served honorably and honestly (i.e. the vast majority). That said, removing the demerit-points with the properly formatted doctor’s note would do just that! WIN—WIN!

How it will be delivered

I will deliver this petition & signatures to Willy Street Co-op CO leadership on a date (TBD) prior to the launch of the new attendance policy.

THANK YOU for your time and consideration. I hope you'll sign the petition!

-Noah Hittner
East Grocery dept.


Reasons for signing

  • No employee should ever be punished for getting sick. This is a cruel and unusual system that must be banned!
  • Sick days should not count as demerits on an employee's work history.
  • UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!! let's stand up together and make this place a little less ugly. if we all come together things can and will change!!


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