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To: CEO Doug Parker

American Airlines: Restore AA Retiree Travel passes to original contract agreement

American Airlines: Restore AA Retiree Travel passes to original contract  agreement

Restore AA Retiree Travel passes to original contract agreement when employees retired from AA as D2 Unlimited Travel & restore retiree Buddy Passes (D3 Travel) to 24 one ways.

Retirees D3 Travel members, do not get boarded unless there is a seat & their surcharges are appropriate for their standby travel which can be long hours waiting at an airport.

Retirees worked hard & long to build American Airlines and our retirement travel agreements are being slashed & downgraded.

Why is this important?

I worked 35 years at an Airport......working weekends, holidays, shift work through hot summers, cold & snowy winters.

Lifting heavy passenger bags when there was little automation, bag belts & other amenities that Airports have today.

Please understand that for US Air employees & new AA employees, you will all be retirees some day & I ask you all consider what lies ahead for your retirement when another carrier takes us over & restricts what you too have worked so hard for.

As we all get older we enjoy our travel passes & to be able to travel with family members & have family members visit in time of need, especially during illness.

I ask that all employees think ahead & not think for the short term.

That's what the Company banks on to destroy our loyalty to each other.


Reasons for signing

  • fairness to aa retirees
  • Married to my wife who has flown for 35 years, and all my friends who took the early out offered and promised passes for life, only to be changed after signed. So unfair.
  • Because I earned the benefit that was reduced. We should not have been taken advantage of as we have been. If they wanted to implement a change in retirement flight benefits they should have done it with the new hires (if they stay long enough to retire) they should not have done it to those of us who gave decades to the success of the airline.


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