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To: CEO Doug Parker

American Airlines: Restore AA Retiree Travel passes to original contract agreement

Restore AA Retiree Travel passes to original contract agreement when employees retired from AA as D2 Unlimited Travel & restore retiree Buddy Passes (D3 Travel) to 24 one ways.

Retirees D3 Travel members, do not get boarded unless there is a seat & their surcharges are appropriate for their standby travel which can be long hours waiting at an airport.

Retirees worked hard & long to build American Airlines and our retirement travel agreements are being slashed & downgraded.

Why is this important?

I worked 35 years at an Airport......working weekends, holidays, shift work through hot summers, cold & snowy winters.

Lifting heavy passenger bags when there was little automation, bag belts & other amenities that Airports have today.

Please understand that for US Air employees & new AA employees, you will all be retirees some day & I ask you all consider what lies ahead for your retirement when another carrier takes us over & restricts what you too have worked so hard for.

As we all get older we enjoy our travel passes & to be able to travel with family members & have family members visit in time of need, especially during illness.

I ask that all employees think ahead & not think for the short term.

That's what the Company banks on to destroy our loyalty to each other.



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