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To: American Airlines USAir Merger Travel Policy

American Airlines Retiree New Travel Policy

Revert to the American Airlines Travel Policy that was in place prior to the merger.
The NEW AMERICAN AIRLINES policy is discrimatory to Senior Citizens that worked years for American to be the Leader in the Airline Industry. USAir certainly was not a leader. Mr Doug Parker needs not to be involved in this decision, the managers in travel can solve the lact of respect for seniors now. The Buddy passes were Revenue Genersting vs an empty seat.

Why is this important?

I continue to sell American to all business associates, family and friends. I'm supporting the New American Airlines, but need to believe we can make The New American a leader again.

Reasons for signing

  • Let's restore the original American Airlines travel policy. The industry leader.


2015-08-14 12:04:00 -0400

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