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To: CEO of Toys R Us

Ban Thanksgiving store openings

Ban Thanksgiving store openings

Toys R Us should a be at the forefront of banning store openings on Thanksgiving day. For a company to state that they value families and create an environment dedicated to raising a family, and focus so much resources in advertising directed to the kids, Toys R Us should honor that by giving the employees of their stores Thanksgiving day off to spend with their families. Many of us that work at Toys R Us have children, children we won't be able be with because of corporate greed. Many of those employees are also working long hours at a minimum wage, forcing those that work for this hypocritical corporation to stay complacent to the scraps that are tossed their way. With all the stress that is placed to be ready by upper management, we get little appreciation or sympathy for our hard work.

Why is this important?

This is important because as retailers are rushing to open earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving day mostly to stay afloat in an evolved marketplace and stay competitive against the online retailers, they are losing their identities. Toys R Us was always a company that valued the family environment. It is a company that their whole livelihood is based on building a family and caring for it. If one would listen to those superficial statements and see the truth; they are just another company that values corporate greed at the expense of the very same people that build this company. We are not allowed to get any time off, and those that are in management positions within the stores are FORCED to work overtime and FORCED to have a 6 day work week. Is this the world we wanted for our families or the world that CEOs and corporate pigs want?


2014-12-18 17:05:01 -0500

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