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To: Starbucks

Relaunch Starbucks Coffee Master

Relaunch Starbucks Coffee Master

Bring back the coffee master program. The current coffee academy program works, but there is no apron. Either bring back the coffee original program or provide us with an apron.

Why is this important?

The current coffee academy is not working. Partners can no longer get the title or the apron for being a coffee master. Instead baristas can spend hours completing a free online course on coffee. The program is unpaid and there is no incentive to complete the program. Coffee master used to be one of the coolest parts of working at Starbucks. Partners and customers would look up to coffee masters if they had questions or wanted to learn more about coffee. Coffee masters were there to support and help partners learn more about coffee. Currently, customers are no longer getting their questions answered about how to brew coffee. They can no longer get a roast recommendation based off of their personal preferences. Many partners haven't even tried a majority of Starbucks roasts. Something needs to change.


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