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To: CDA ( California Dental Association )

Benefits for Dental Assistants/Staff

I would like the CDA to ESTABLISH a benefit package, and offer this to ALL California dental office staff. This will empower employees like myself to obtain health benefits as well as fringe benefits; vacation pay, sick/personal pay, uniform allowance, profit sharing, etc.... The dentist can NOT practice without their second hands; The Dental Assistant, as well as the front office TEAM.
I am so sick of working so hard and receiving NOTHING in return.
Most dental offices are privately owned with a staff of 10 or less, so the doctor uses this as an excuse to offer the staff little or no benefits.

Why is this important?

It is soooo important to have benefits. It makes the employee feel appreciated, valued, and respected. It's good for physical and mental health. It is just common sense. !!!!!!!


2014-03-21 14:26:12 -0400

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