To: Never Summer Industries

Better Work Conditions

Better Work Conditions

There needs to be some kind of cooling system in the factory. There are currently only personal sized fans that seem to only blow more hot air when the temperature is at or above 70 degrees.

Why is this important?

It can get very hot in the factory in the summer. We all have very active roles and tend to overheat when hard at work. It is to the point of having to stop what you're doing to take a breather, chug water, and wipe all the sweat off your face so you can see. It may not be as bad for some, but especially by the machines that give off extra heat, it can be unbearable at times. According to United States Department of Labor, "As the body continues to store heat, the person begins to lose concentration and has difficulty focusing on a task, may become irritable or sick, and often loses the desire to drink." and "Exposure to heat can also increase the risk of injuries because of sweaty palms, fogged-up safety glasses, dizziness, and burns from hot surfaces or steam."( These are some of the risks associated with not having proper cooling in the factory and I have personally experienced and witnessed others with all those symptoms. If there was a way to at least cool down the factory a little, it would create a better work environment and productivity would increase exponentially. Please consider making a change for the better.

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