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To: Board of Directors

Board of Director's choice of new CEO

Retrain from signing contract with their choice of a new CEO. Delay action until staff, clients and community consulted.

Why is this important?

Their choice is very wrong for the organization and all of us on many levels.
It is with a deep concern and sincerity that we respectfully submit to you our concern regarding your choice of a new CEO. As you are aware, he had previously resigned from UAII. That in itself should be disqualifying. But something even more troublesome is that he is NOT Native American. According to a stipulation on page 3 of the Indian Preference Act, first choice should be given to qualified Indians. We don't believe this was followed and the BOD is NOT in compliance.

We greatly appreciate the leadership of Gene Martinez as Interim CEO.
guided us through the most difficult time in the history of UAII He has worked with the City and County of Los Angeles, the employees, our clients and the greater Native American Community these past several months to keep us safe.
His leadership was thoughtful, heartfelt, professional and knowledgeable. He worked with a cultural awareness and sensitivity that comes from his background and ethnicity as a Native American man. He was raised in the very community he now serves and has a great allegiance to it.

We believe he has PROVEN himself. And in taking on the incredible task of leading us through this pandemic, and making sure we secure a building for our move, he has EARNED the position of CEO.
It is not in the best interestof UAII staff, clients and our Native American Community to change leadership now. Please make Gene Martinez's status permanent CEO. And we urge the BOD to work closely and respectfully with him.



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