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To: Jeff Bezos/the global team

Bring humanity back to Whole Foods Market!

Bring humanity back to Whole Foods Market!

Employees at Whole Foods Market aren't treated fairly and people should be made aware. The only core value the management still cares about is value for shareholders. It's time to bring humanity back to WFM.

I've been working at WFM for over five years and I've been in the industry for decades. WFM employees are put into awful situations with no way out and then are labeled as 'too emotional' when they show dissatisfaction. When people are harassed, management does not do enough about it -- I even know someone who resigned for this reason.

Everything is data and metric-driven. My schedule gets made by a piece of software that is glitchy and schedules you outside of your availability. We have to adhere to a strict break schedule telling us when to eat. They've taken away paid lunches. What's next? Are they gonna tell us when to go to the bathroom, too?

They are valuing customers ordering delivery from home rather than in-store shoppers, so the in-store shopping experience has become worse.

Why is this important?

This treatment affects hundreds of thousands of people. WFM management doesn't care about experience and skills in terms of promotions and the onboarding for new staff is terrible. WFM would rather continue losing quality team members than fix their toxic leadership which comes from the top on down. This is shameful and needs to change.


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