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To: Casa Bonita Upper Management

Casa Bonita Diver Safety

Currently there are no safety protocols or injury prevention, rehabilitation, tracking, or system for the Dive Team at Casa Bonita. Emergency Action Plans were submitted on December 11th, 2023 and were submitted to legal December 18th, 2023. We were told it would be a two week turn around from that date. There has been no response from legal or upper management since submission. In the meantime, the Dive Team has been denied any ability to practice safety drills and skills by upper management. There is no interim plan and if an emergency occurred there would be no way to safely make a rescue. The dive team has now been diving for 10 months with no approved safety plan. Additionally, there is no system in place that helps manage over use and repeat use injuries. Aqua Captain had submitted several options for Physical Therapy for the dive team since September 5th, 2023 and none have been approved. Workman’s compensation policy does not cover these injuries because frequently divers can adjust dive style to minimize effects on the injury or they can work Dive ASM shifts. The goal is to create a program where we provide PT to divers and assess their progress. Based on injury level and recommendations, make decisions on if they can do altered dives or need to be out of the water. The goal is to create longevity for the team as their is no off season for performance at Casa Bonita. The expectation from the dive team is that our health and safety is considered while at work. We need approved EAPs and a clear plan moving forward to deal with injuries specific to our team.

Why is this important?

Safety should always be a number one concern at the work place. Our divers perform high level acrobatic stunts from 16ft height into a pool. This pool is the center of the entire restaurant. In case of an accident or an emergency there needs to be well trained staff who are able to appropriately deal with the situation especially because there is a chance it could be a life or death emergency. Diver’s should be able to come to work and know that if an accident happens, they will survive it. Physical Therapy would extend the longevity and quality of the dive team. It would help prevent or remission length of over use injures. It would insure we have a plan to support our performers if they are injured from their job.


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