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To: Papa Gino's

Employees deserve severance pay

I want them to pay the employees what they're owed after randomly shutting down business without warning and putting so many people out of jobs.

Why is this important?

It's not right that the rich corporate just shut down businesses without warning and putting so many people without jobs. This is an issue that's been going on for so long and there has to be an end to this. It's before the holidays and people are out of work in a time where right now jobs are hard to find. While the corporate people are sitting comfortable cutting peoples' jobs, the people he cut out of jobs are worrying about how they're going to feed their families, pay their bills, live. Justice is due.


Reasons for signing

  • They deserve at least 60 days pay under the federal WARN Act.
  • Was harassed and treated unfairly as an employee, and now to see all these people losing their jobs it sucks to see such a well loved company get away with these things
  • People deserve to be treated fairly and with respect


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