To: Equinox Employees

Concerned Equinox Employees

Concerned Equinox Employees

Recent news has revealed that Stephen Ross, chairman of Related Companies, majority shareholder of Equinox and SoulCycle, has organized a large fundraiser to support the re-election of Donald Trump. Equinox & SoulCycle employees are concerned that their work is therefore also in support of the re-election of Donald Trump, which is contrary their intention. This platform is meant for those concerned to find support and organize as a community to take further action as a strike or another method. We have power in our voices. We have power in our numbers. We can enact change. We must take action. We are the cleaners, the managers, the corporate employees, the trainers, the group fitness instructors, the sales reps, the shop salespeople, the spa professionals, the gatekeepers. We are concerned. OUR COLLECTIVE EFFORTS WILL HAVE RESULTS.  WE CAN NOT BE SILENT.  ACT NOW!

Why is this important?

Equinox & SoulCycle should not in any way contribute to the support or re-election of Donald Trump. As an employee contributing to the success of the company, which Stephen Ross profits from, our work is being sold to promote an agenda of hate.

Reasons for signing

  • I support any one snd any cause brave enought to stand up to HATE MONGERS!