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To: FedEx CEO Frederick Wallace Smith

FedEx: Employees need access to paid family and medical leave

FedEx: Employees need access to paid family and medical leave

FedEx CEO Federick Smith must prioritize the health and wellbeing of FedEx employees during this crisis by providing paid family and medical leave to all employees- to ensure that they have the time that they need to care for themselves and their families - and to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Why is this important?

FedEx employs hundreds of thousands of people across the country and around the world. While many of us are sheltering at home - people who work for FedEx are working harder than ever on the frontlines of this pandemic.

But if FedEx employees get sick, many don’t get paid. While FedEx employees are ensuring that so many of us have all that we need delivered to our homes, they don’t have access to the time that they need to care for sick and suffering family members - or personal medical leave for themselves if they get sick.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because Im put at risk everyday that i go to work. I come in contact with thousands of boxes everyday. Having them add paid family and sick leave for all employees makes it fair for us parents and our families who still have to work through this crisis.
  • I work as a contractor driving for FedEx delivering boxes and if I get sick I will be replaced and out of work
  • My wife and I both work for express (at O’Hare airport) with three little ones we come home to every day. There have been multiple confirmed cases of express employees within our area of work.


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