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STOP Retaliation and harassment in Comcast NOW!

STOP Retaliation and harassment in Comcast NOW!

Brian L. Roberts needs to enforce stricter punishments for retaliation, discrimination and harassment in the workplace

Why is this important?

Experiencing high levels of harassment and retaliation after filing any complaint in good faith is unacceptable by any company.

After filing multiple complaints with management, I've been faced with retaliation or justification for any injustice done by staff, management and HR Comcast needs to enforce its Anti-Retalition policy, zero workplace violence policy and harassment policies.

Employees should feel safe to follow Comcast's Open door policy without the fear of retaliation or the loss of pay.

Reasons for signing

  • I was put on admin leave for 21 paid days for being observed on the call floor during a scheduled break. After talking to HR and upper management about feeling harassed and attacked and HR told me I needed to be an adult about it.


2019-03-28 23:38:14 -0400

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