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To: Bob Pittman, CEO of iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia: Offer paid family leave to ALL your employees

As the largest owner of radio stations in the country, and employer to over 18,000 hard working men and women, iHeartMedia has the power to lead the industry with a bold paid family leave policy. New parents should have the time they need to recover or help their partner recover from childbirth and to bond with their new baby. We’re asking that iHeartMedia take the lead, and expand your paid family leave policy to include ALL parents.

Why is this important?

I’m a dad, and I’ve got another baby on the way (due in two months!) and while I’ve worked for iHeartMedia for eight months, I will not have access to a single day of paid parental leave when our newborn arrives.

iHeartMedia, formerly Clear Channel, is the largest owner of radio stations in the country - reaching millions of listeners across the United States every day. But for a company that touches so many families and households, they are surprisingly behind the times when it comes to its paid leave for its employees.

iHeartmedia only provides time for childbirth recovery, no time for dads like me to bond with a new baby or support a partner recovering from childbirth, no time to care for a seriously ill family member, and new mothers are forced to have to sign up for Short-Term Disability in order to reap the benefits of any type of leave towards childbirth.

I love working for iHeartmedia. I’m both a Software Engineer and a DJ, so my work touches on both of my passions, technology and music. I am lucky enough to work on an AMAZING project where, for the most part, my team is very flexible when it comes to our work schedule, which is why I feel and believe that iHeartMedia can do MUCH better when it comes to paid family leave. I’m surprised that we are falling behind so many of our competitors when it comes to this benefit.

I know that iHeartMedia is an awesome company, and I know they can do better for dads like me, and all new parents. That’s why I’m asking that the company show bold leadership in the industry and expand the paid family leave policy to include ALL parents.

Reasons for signing

  • Wake up iHeart
  • iHeartmedia must have a comprehensive benefits care package that includes childbirth, sick and family leave benefits.
  • When we had our baby, it was just my husband and me taking care of our child. We didn’t have any relatives nearby to help at all. Having him home for a few weeks with me was such a blessing. All families need to have time to spend with a newborn, men included.


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