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To: Woolworths Board of Directors

Keep secure jobs in Melbourne's North

Keep secure jobs in Melbourne's North

Join me in calling on Woolworths to immediately halt the closure of the Hume shed and begin working with employees and the Broadmeadows community to find a lasting solution.

Why is this important?

My name is Diana Beaumont and I am a teacher at a public High School in Broadmeadows. The recent announcement by Woolworths to close the Hume Distribution Centre and lay off 680 of their staff by 2018 has angered many teachers and parents in the area. Current and former students at our school have parents that work at the Hume Woolworths shed, and I hate to think about the strain this will place on their families.

The outer Northern metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne are renowned for insecure jobs. Some families have to move suburbs to find stable work, and this has a massive impact on students both socially and academically. But parents don't have a choice as they must go where the work is.

Broadmeadows is one of the most disadvantaged suburbs in Melbourne with 26.4% unemployment. But people want to work!

At a recent public meeting at the Broadmeadows Town Hall, the local community pledged to support workers to keep the Hume Woolworths shed open. The Hume Woolworths shed is full of active, proud union members -- people Woolworths is no doubt hoping to silence.


Reasons for signing

  • Doesn't Woolworths advertise and boast on TV that they are a large employer of young Australians? This seems very hypocritical to me.
  • With the opening of the new wholesale fruit and veg market I wonder why there is an imperative to move. Woolies declare that there will be significant efficiency and productivity gains. "Woolworths Limited has the simple philosophy of demonstrating corporate leadership by doing the right thing. Our community investment aims to create a positive impact for both the community and the business." - Woolworths website.
  • Critical employment opportunities for youth cannot disappear.


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