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To: Sheryl Sandberg & Lean In

Lean In: PAY your interns!

Lean In: PAY your interns!

Sheryl Sandberg, you made $91,000,000 last week by selling shares. That could pay an intern for 12,551,724 hours! So why should Lean In interns have to work for free?

Instead of perpetuating the unfair advantages that privilege some women at other women's expense, pay your interns so ALL kinds of women, regardless of their economic background, can take advantage of career-building opportunities like these.

Why is this important?

Today, Lean In's Editor-at-Large posted an ad for UNPAID internship with Lean In in New York City. Lean In says it's about "encouraging women to pursue their ambitions," but what about the women who can't afford to live in New York City and work for free?

It's hard to "Lean In" when you're being priced out. And for the many young women who don't have wealthy families who can subsidize unpaid internship opportunities like these, this represents yet another barrier to the kinds of learning and networking opportunities that could help them build successful careers.

Sign this petition to tell Lean In to PAY THEIR INTERNS!

How it will be delivered

We'll deliver this petition to Sheryl Sandberg in person.

Reasons for signing

  • Interns spend time they could be using to earn money to work for free. In todays world, it's unfair and almost impossible.
  • I will help if I have to relocate and help with loans in the future.
  • I've worked an unpaid internship before. The Executive Director told me I was to treat this as a paid job. I went into debt during that six week internship, paying for travel expenses without even a stipend, working 42.5 hours per week plus over an hour each day in commute, and it wasn't really an internship because no one treated me like I was there to learn. Will never do a full-time, unpaid internship again.


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BREAKING: Just 24 hours after launching this petition, responded in a post on Facebook.

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