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To: The University of Illinois at Chicago administration

Let GEO bargain a new contract

Let GEO bargain a new contract

We request that UIC honor our collective bargaining agreement and begin negotiating a new contract immediately.

Why is this important?

Contract negotiations often drag out for such a long time that our members wind up working without a contract. We have the right to bargain at this time per our contract. It is important the University respect the collective bargaining agreement under which we operate. We also believe bargaining now (January 2018) is mutually beneficial to GEO and UIC. Starting the process sooner will lead to a quicker resolution and better learning conditions for students.

How it will be delivered

In person

Reasons for signing

  • More time to bargain will help GEO members sustain the energy and morale to fight for an awesome contract.
  • the stipend we receive as phd student in some colleges is woefully inadequate (25%).
  • The contracts with GEO are what have allowed me to live in a major city like Chicago on a graduate student stipend.


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