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To: Quality Dining, INC.

Mandate 18% Gratuity on Parties of 8 or More!

Mandate 18% Gratuity on Parties of 8 or More!

Please consider mandating a 18% gratuity fee on large parties of 8 guests or more, as per the standard of the Pocono area and most other restaurants.

Why is this important?

I am writing on the behalf of the entire front of house team at Chili’s in Bartonsville, PA. We have always graciously welcomed large parties into our restaurant. As the only Chili’s in about a 30-mile radius, it has come to our attention that our front of house team is being taken advantage of. Day after day, we push together tables and serve our many guests as only true Chili Heads can. Unfortunately, many of our large party guests take our work for granted. We are one of the only restaurants in the Pocono area that does not have a mandated 18% gratuity fee on parties of 8 or more. This results in tips of 10% on large parties which leave our servers demoralized, unhappy, and more importantly, unvalued.
We work at Chili’s because we are passionate about what we do. We are the pride of our area. Our parking lot is always full and our sales are extremely high. We take care of our guests, and we are contacting you to please take care of us.

Reasons for signing

  • Also a fellow chilihead. Wishing all chilis had an autograt!
  • If I am required to about 3 %of my sales from this company no matter what my tip percentage is I should be guaranteed to make at least 18 % on large parties . We sometimes tip out with money we never actually make.
  • I work for the company as well and we are often taken advantage of. All chilis should have it.


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