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To: Working men and women.

New York Cable System Worker Cooperative

It all will start with a letter as simple as this one. People are tired of being mistreated by major corporations like Spectrum giving less service at higher prices. NO MORE! We have an opportunity now like no other time in history to take control of this massive company to set things right, and secure our future. This is stage one. We need to know how many agree with what we are trying to do and will support this cause. Help get the ball rolling by signing to show your support for the idea of the people coming together with the workers to take over the cable company. Next contact your elected officials and tell them to get Spectrum out of New York. Then get your friends, family, and anyone else you can to do the same. It all starts with this first signature. Show your support sign now.

Why is this important?

Corporations like Spectrum keep taking more and more away from us as they leverage our future for their profit. 1800 men and women who have worked 40 years of their life toward the American dream are on strike battling for almost 2 years against Spectrum as they try to destroy that dream. They are using our jobs to tear apart our families, our friendships, our homes, our entire lives. They could care less about us, the government, elected officials, or the customers. We deserve better than this. We will show them just how much better. We will take over the business we spent 40 years building and run it without them. This task is to large for any one man to handle but together we will replace the only real problem; Spectrum. We have the power and opportunity to do it. All we have to do is take advantage of the opportunity right in front of us. We may never have a chance like this again.



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