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To: American Airlines, CEO Doug Parker

Offer a health care plan for AA retirees

Offer a Group health plan to retirees or anyway AA can figure how to get Healthcare for retirees so they don't have to pay the sky high price for private individual healthcare.

Why is this important?

Many AA retirees left before the age of 65. We are currently paying over $1,000 per month for retiree and spousal Cobra Insurance which is going to end eighteen months after retirement date. Searching for private insurance has shown to cost over $2000 per month for retiree and spouse with a $6000 deductible. I paid over $20,000 in 2013 for premiums, deductibles, and uncovered dental work. We were promised retiree healthcare through prefunding but AA refunded our prefunding which didn't even cover one year of Cobra health insurance premiums. While AA had the right in bankruptcy to renege on retiree healthcare, I'm requesting from the New American Airlines and CEO Doug Parker to help retirees get healthcare lower premiums and lower deductibles. One suggestion would be to extend Cobra insurance or somehow get all retirees as a group to get a healthcare plan. As a TWU Local 514 retiree member I'm sure my local here in Tulsa would be willing to help coordinate any help you may give us. I devoted thirty five years to AA and I ask for AA to not put retirees and myself at such a financial bind.



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