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To: The General Coordinators, the management team of the Park Slope Food Coop

Park Slope Food Coop: Coop Values are Union Values

We are members of the Park Slope Food Coop and stand in solidarity with PSFC staff who are organizing to create positive change in their workplace and build a structure where all staff have equal rights and protections.

As member-owners of the Park Slope Food Coop (PSFC), we want the Coop to uphold its mission to be “a responsible and ethical employer.” We ask that management formalize a commitment to not interfere or involve themselves in the employee decision-making process on unionization by signing and adhering to the terms of a neutrality agreement. Neutrality agreements are one tool to help create a peaceful environment free from discrimination, retaliation, or bullying, for workers to deliberate and build unity together. The PSFC has the opportunity to be exemplary by ensuring that staff can have a supportive and equitable structure, created for and by them, as they work to help our Coop run every day.

Annabelle Heckler, Arsenia Reilly-Collins, HanaKyle Moranz, Nick Bedell, David Pratt, Haley Shaffer, Sarah Koshar, David Levin, Pam Galpern, Mischa Gaus, Penny Buentello, and Sonia Singh

Why is this important?

We’re excited that staff are exploring unionizing. The right to have, build, and support a union is an essential human right. Many other food cooperatives in the U.S. are unionized and, at their core, cooperative values are union values. Unions are an organizational tool that can help maintain accountability and serve as a vehicle for workplace democracy and social justice. Unionized workplaces are safer, more fair and transparent workplaces where it is possible to preserve and improve working conditions over many years, regardless of changes in administration and management.

Reasons for signing

  • We organized and voted for a union shop here in our food co-op in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and I want to support other co-ops to do the same. I think that unions in co-ops can make co-ops more cooperative!
  • The employees have a right to unionize. However, make sure there is some sort of dialogue between the employer, the employees, and the union. No one wins if there is all out policy war. Best of Luck
  • For representation for workers.


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