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To: Oracle Leadership

Petition for Oracle to sign the Immigrant Amicus Brief

Sign on with the other 127 tech companies opposing Trump's executive order on immigration

Why is this important?

Trump’s executive order is negative for American Business. Immigrants have made immeasurable contributions to the tech industry and this will prevent companies like Oracle from recruiting the very best talent. As Oracle employees, we are enriched by immigrants we work with both professionally and personally. Oracle is a notable exception to the 127 tech companies that have already signed the brief, yet could be one of the most impacted. The 9th Court of Appeals will weigh in on this later this week and we strongly urge Oracle to take a stance on this on behalf of its employees.

Irene Scher
Rachel Kane
Lara Beers



2017-02-21 12:59:38 -0500

The Washington Post covered this petition in an article about tech worker activism:

2017-02-17 11:55:04 -0500

The New York Times covered this petition (and others) led by employees in the tech industry:

2017-02-09 16:19:55 -0500

Buzzfeed reported on this petition by Oracle employees:

2017-02-09 10:11:30 -0500

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