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To: Jamie Hodari + Industrious Headquarters

Protect frontline employees at Industrious co-working spaces

Thank you for all of your support on this campaign! We were able to achieve almost all of our demands and have received accommodations from management.

Protect frontline employees at Industrious co-working spaces

We are the Community Managers, Operations Associates, and frontline employees of Industrious who have been coming in to work every day during a global pandemic to manage your office space.

For some of us this means taking crowded, unventilated public transportation during rush hour on a daily basis. We then spend at least 8 hours indoors in an under-ventilated office where we interact with dozens of members, delivery persons and various building staff. On top of that, we are required to give in-person tours to anyone who requests one.

As case numbers and hospitalizations continue to rise at astronomical rates, we are still required to come into work on a daily basis with limited or no option to work remotely. We spend the majority of our days interacting with others, many of whom we don’t know and with whom we cannot realistically avoid close contact.

In a time when health experts are urging people to stay home and social distance, we are given aggressive goals to sell a product that promotes the exact opposite. Within those sales goals we are not even given the option to conduct tours virtually in order to limit our exposure.

What we do is far from essential, and the nature of our jobs puts us at risk on a daily basis. We, the frontline employees of the co-working industry, demand:

1) Hazard pay for all frontline employees who are required to be onsite at an office. This includes pay raises for both hourly and salaried employees.
2) Mandatory 14-day paid sick leave for any employee who tests positive for Covid-19 or has been directly exposed to Covid-19.
3) All tours for prospective members will be conducted virtually, followed by an in-person tour at the discretion of the onsite team.
4) All frontline employees taking public transit will be offered alternative transportation solutions at no cost to them.

Why is this important?

We continue to put ourselves at risk each day because we are committed to our jobs and we care about our members. We deserve to feel safe and comfortable at work.


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