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To: KP Senior Leadership

Reinstate Ellen V

Ellen’s daughter had some questions about her healthcare and insurance and Ellen simply went about getting the information the wrong way. She accessed her daughter’s info through EPIC instead of She was terminated versus being placed on corrective action. Per KP policy, she could have been placed on corrective action, given she has never had disciplinary action against her and is seen by her peers as an extraordinary nurse. Senior Leadership has CHOSEN to fire her and we, her peers, feel this is too harsh.

We, the Critical Care arena, stand together in support of Ellen V. We respectfully ask Senior Leadership to strongly reevaluate their decisions and consider corrective action instead. We ask that you reinstate Ellen V, with all prior seniority and benefits, into her position within KSMC.

Why is this important?

Ellen is more than deserving of a second chance.



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