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To: John Mackey, CEO

Reinstate Julia to Whole Foods!

I ask John Mackey to reinstate me to my job at Whole Foods Market, and change Whole Foods Market's policy so that accusations of theft of an item worth $10 or less be covered under their policy for corrective action.

Yo pido que John Mackey me regresa a mi trabajo en Whole Foods Market, y que cambie la póliza de Whole Foods Market para que una alegación de robo de un producto que vale menos de $10 sea bajo su póliza de acción correctiva.

Why is this important?

My name is Julia Flores. I am a single mother of two from El Salvador. I have given fifteen years of my life to Whole Foods Market as a dishwasher. I have also fought many times for better working conditions for myself and my coworkers. However, in September I was fired. I am asking John Mackey to reinstate me to my job.

I was fired by my store manager Victor Vasquez because they accused me of theft. I have worked there for fifteen years and would NEVER knowingly steal anything. I believe that they have fired me in retaliation for always standing up for the rights of my coworkers and for my pending workers’ compensation lawsuit for a torn shoulder ligament that I suffered in June.

What I need is to work. I want to work. I have always liked working at Whole Foods. I want to be working there. That is my goal. I do not believe that it is not just for them to have fired me this way. Why wouldn’t they just give me a warning? I want to be reinstated to my job.

I would also like for Whole Foods to change their policy about thefts. I am not the only one who has been fired after many years of work when accused of theft of a small product. Therefore, I also will demand that Whole Foods change their corporate policy so that theft of an item worth $10 or less to be covered under their policy for corrective action.

To my coworkers still working at Whole Foods: Don’t give up on defending your rights! We cannot be silent.

Thank you for helping me win back my job.


Mi nombre es Julia Flores. Soy madre soltera de dos hijas del Salvador. Yo he dado quince años de mi vida a Whole Foods Market trabajando como dishwasher. También he luchado muchas veces para mejorar las condiciones de trabajo para mi y mis compañeros de trabajo. Sin embargo, en Septiembre salí despedida por Victor Vasquez porque me acusaron de robo. Yo he trabajado allí quince años y NUNCA hubiera robado conscientemente. Yo creo que me han despedido en represalia por siempre defender mis derechos y los derechos de todos los trabajadores y también porque tengo una demanda pendiente por mi accidente laboral cuando me accidente el brazo en Junio.

Lo que yo necesito es trabajo. Yo quiero trabajar. Siempre me ha gustado trabajar en Whole Foods. Quiero seguir trabajando allí. Esta es mi meta. No creo que es justo que me hayan despedido de esta forma. Por que no me hubieran dado solamente una advertencia? Quiero regresar a mi trabajo.

Yo también quiero que Whole Foods cambie su póliza sobre los robos. No soy la única que ha sido despedida después de muchos años de trabajo cuando somos acusados de un robo pequeño. Entonces, también quiero exigir que Whole Foods cambie su póliza en su corporación para que los robo de minimis de productos que valen $10 o menos sea bajo su póliza para acción correctiva, en vez de ser una infracción mayor.

A mis compañeros que siguen trabajando en Whole Foods: No dejen de defender sus derechos! No podemos quedarnos callados.

Gracias por ayudarme a recuperar mi trabajo.


Reasons for signing

  • Worker solidarity
  • Julia was fired for standing up for her coworkers by a manager who was later fired for wage theft himself! Stand up for workers, and stand up for Julia
  • because been united we can help each other.


2017-01-19 14:51:04 -0500

On Friday, January 13, Julia marched with nearly 50 supporters at two different Whole Foods stores in DC to demand that Whole Foods #ReinstateJulia. Though Whole Foods did not respond, we are going to keep up the pressure. Please continue to share the petition - we will get Julia her job back!

2017-01-06 12:24:16 -0500

We need Whole Foods to #ReinstateJulia! Accompanied by the Comité de Apoyo Laboral y Poder Obrero and DC Jobs With Justice, Julia went to Whole Foods' regional corporate office, but they refused to meet with her. We will not stay silent when Julia and other workers are fired unjustly! We will continue to organize and resist!

Please continue to share this petition with your friends and family, and we will be in touch shortly about next steps.

See Univision coverage here:

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Julia was interviewed by Channel 9, WUSA, who referred to this as a battle between David and Goliath:

Julia salio entrevistada en canal 9, WUSA, en donde dijeron que es una batalla entre David y Goliath.