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To: Australian Personnel Solutions

Reinstate union delegate Andrew Copeman

Reinstate union delegate Andrew Copeman

I want to continue working at APS and be an effective delegate on site for all current and future workers and I need your support. Please sign the petition in support of my reinstatement and workers rights at Americold Cold Storage.

Why is this important?

My name is Andrew Copeman and I am a NUW delegate for drivers at Americold. Recently I was stood down for holding a mass meeting to discuss issues with members during unpaid time. As a result of this I was terminated.

In my time as delegate, members have stood together to negotiate a fair agreement and make sure that the company does the right thing by all its workers. My treatment is an attack on the rights of all workers at Americold, and their right to voice their concerns and stand together collectively as a union.


Reasons for signing

  • OH and S is vitally important to the overall healthy work environment all workers deserve.
  • It is the right of all workers to be able to discuss their work conditions amongst themselves and with the company management. Employers should not feel scared of what workers have to say about their work conditions. Very often a good outcome can be negotiated for all involved. Andrew has been dismissed for doing the above during unpaid time. No cost to Amercoid. Really poor industrial action on behalf of Americoid.
  • I signed because I remember the fear of my co-workers to come together publicly to discuss workloads. I am now retired, but I worked in a large Independent secondary school in Melbourne. People grumbled, but they wouldn't act. Management took advantage of this situation and dragged out negotiations on a new EBA for years.


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