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To: Gloria Sanchez Rico, Chief Nursing Officer of Huntington Memorial Hospital



This means that rather than go through a 3-4 week hearing this month, with potential for over a year in delays, the NLRB, CNA, and HMH have all agreed to terms outlined in our Settlement Agreement. This is a huge victory and accomplishment for Huntington nurses who’ve been fighting hard for union representation at HMH, and it means vindication for nurses like Allysha, Vicki, and others whose federally protected rights have been violated by their employer, Huntington Memorial Hospital.

The terms of the settlement are fantastic—it includes rescinded termination and full back pay for illegally terminated nurses Allysha and Vicki, setting aside the 2015 election results, and a 60-day notice posting that outlines nurses’ organizing rights.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the nurses’ long journey for justice. This is a significant moment for many of the leaders in our unionization efforts—many have reacted to the news speechless, and filled with tears of joy.

Reinstate Vicki and Allysha

Why is this important?

We strongly request that Allysha Almada, RN and Vicki Lin, RN be reinstated to their positions immediately and that the rights of the nurses of Huntington Memorial Hospital to free speech be fully respected. We ask that Huntington administration immediately stop the culture of retaliation toward those RNs who collectively voice concerns about patient care and speak out about the Hospital’s treatment of Registered Nurses who seek Union representation.


Reasons for signing

  • As the son of a nurse, I know how hard they work and how indispensable to society their labor is. No workers are more deserving of our respect and solidarity and the right to collectively organize.
  • I was also terminated by HMH on August 18, 2015. Supported CNA
  • Nurses deserve respect for advocating for their patients - not retaliation!


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