To: Starbucks Coffee Company

Return Partner sick days

Return Partner sick days

Give Starbucks partners paid sick days

Why is this important?

How would you feel if you had to choose between keeping your job to feed your kids, or staying home to take care of your kids when they are sick? Can you imagine choosing between getting fired or not being able to make rent because you stayed home to get well, or being forced to go to work and expose customers to germs, despite the fact that this is in direct defiance of Starbucks health code? Every day, Starbucks workers have to make choices like these because Starbucks has taken away our sick days, putting partners and customers at risk even though the company makes over $1 billion a year. Proper sick leave is not only a fundamental right, but an ethical necessity.

Please sign our petition- tell Starbucks you want paid sick for all workers.

Let's make Starbucks a healthy, family-friendly workplace for all!


Reasons for signing

  • We work hard and deserve sick days. Just in case. It's only fair.