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To: Doug Parker CEO

Reversal of impending non-revenue boarding process of first come first serve web check-in

Reverse the proposed boarding process based on web check-in. Reinstitute boarding procedure based on seniority and active employees.

Why is this important?

It has been over a year since I launched this petition. FC/FS has been in place since September 2014. Management has ignored all of our requests to not change boarding priorities. Many of us can share personal experiences/examples of the unfairness of boarding this way. Our union leaders and upper management and their families fly space positive, therefore are not impacted by this policy. OUR CALL TO ACTION: Make an effort to connect with and educate the LAA employees. We need to multiply the signatures on this petition proving that the majority of American Airline employees do not support the FC/FS method of boarding. It is only a matter of time when current LAA crew bases will close, forcing non-commuters to experience what has already occurred at LUS. We cannot forget what happened to PIT, LGA, BOS and all of the other former LUS bases. Our success lies in the collective voices of all labor groups. Talk to your fellow employees. Let's change the course of this merger! Thank you, Mary Kepple LUS Flight Attendant


2016-01-30 03:46:11 -0500

10,000 signatures reached

2015-05-14 06:41:16 -0400

Please reach out to all fellow employees of the new AA. Let's double or triple the signatures and I will go to Dallas to present this to management.

2014-06-24 15:17:09 -0400

A major increase in signers during the past week. Almost 600. Keep spreading the word. Closing in on 6000. Thanks

2014-04-23 09:09:03 -0400

5,000 signatures reached

2014-04-08 21:26:13 -0400

Over 3000 signatures. Wow

2014-04-03 18:14:35 -0400

FYI . Two petitions have been launched by AA retirees using this platform.

2014-04-03 16:31:48 -0400

We are approaching 2500 signatures. Please continue to forward this petition. 3000 signatures equal 10% of the Usairways workforce worldwide!

2014-04-01 10:06:48 -0400

We have over 2000 signatures in the first week! Let's continue to spread the word to sign this petition. Thank you. Mary

2014-03-31 10:00:02 -0400

Closing in on 2000.

2014-03-30 05:58:18 -0400

We are at 1455. I watched the crew news yesterday. This decision was made to change the boarding priority without any regard towards commuters.

2014-03-27 12:03:56 -0400

1,000 signatures reached

2014-03-27 08:02:32 -0400

We are closing in on 1000 signatures. Although I wrote this petition from a fligh attendants perspective I realize that all work groups including retires will be impacted. Lets spread the word to all co-workers including pilots, agents, mechanics, baggage service, support staff to sign this petition. Our strength comes from the collective voices. Thanks

2014-03-26 23:38:38 -0400

916 signatures. So great! Let's keep this going.

2014-03-26 13:04:51 -0400

This petition focuses on the negative impact on commuting based on first come first serve web check in. Given the history of our past mergers, no one can be secure with the notion that their current base will remain open! However, all non-revenue travel-a contractual benefit, will be impacted because of the arbitrary nature of web check in. Whether you were hired in 2013 or 1960 you will have no method to determine if a seat will be available. I support the business model of high seat occupancy percentages. I just want to have the tool to guage which flight I can travel on.

2014-03-26 09:05:08 -0400

Post reasons for signing! Thanks