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  • No Holiday Work at Carvana!
    Stop forcing loyal employees to work into holidays, night shift in particular.
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    Created by Cherrelle Townsend
  • Walmart associate protection covid19
    HOW CAN WALMART keep it's associates and customers SAFER. To be safer they could limit how many people are in store at a time so that they could have a safe distance. Also they could limit to just one person not the whole family and they could set up lines like Thanksgiving with at least 5 feet between each of them. Then the person loads belt at the end only...cashiers load an empty cart with their groceries and they only come down to the register when it is time to pay and we step back. Things will go slower and Walmart won't make as much money as fast but we will all be safer. Also cleaning the store once at night provides minimal aide in spreading virus in never ending congested lines all in the frontend of a store. Maintenance is minimal durring the day. Paper towels and cleaning products need to be abundantly available to staff. Someone needs to be continuously cleaning register areas while cashiers are busy ringing customers.
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    Created by Linda B
  • Walmart: Extend your employee discount to cover ALL food
    We want Walmart's ten percent employee discount to be extended to ALL food ALL year
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    Created by Nancy Reynolds
  • Petition to officially close US office on the cited holidays
    Dear Allan, We are collectively requesting for you to officially close the Alchemy Worx US office on the following days: Thanksgiving Black Friday Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year's Eve New Year's Day Independence Day/July 4th Labor Day Memorial Day This is for the benefit of the US team: -to avoid the majority having to post on the Slack absent channel (if 30+ people were to post there that they're off on these common holidays, it'd become more of a case of "so who's online that day?") -to avoid hurting morale, as some people might feel that they need to work full days on the days listed above The benefit of the PH team: -to avoid confusion about US team members who are actually expected to be online on the days listed above -to avoid hurting morale, as the posts on the absent channel could highlight which days US team members are allowed off, that PH team members aren't And the benefit of clients: -to set better boundaries (they will use the emergency alias as needed, but in the ideal setup per client, they'll have already settled upcoming campaigns in advance) -to not have the excessive need to check in on days that they're officially closed as well Thank you for your understanding. Respectfully signed, Alchemy Worx US Team
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    Created by Gianna Villavicencio
  • #ThePriceOfRetail for workers during the holidays
    The holiday season is fast approaching and as much as we love to catch that major sale, we should also pay attention to some of the bad practices of retail employers: - excessively longer shifts than normal (12 hours +), with minimal breaks; - mandatory “Black Out” days (typically running from Nov. 1 through Jan. 2), in which employees cannot request time off; - typically no guaranteed incentives or time and a half pay for holiday work; - "Clopenings" (working late on Thanksgiving and early on Black Friday), sometimes with as little as 5-6 hours in between shifts; and - mandatory overnight shifts for everyone, regardless of position. Due to these practices, retail workers experience: - limited time with their families or time to prepare for the holidays; - exhaustion and higher incidents of injury due to lack of sleep and overexertion; - over-reliance on support networks and excessive childcare costs; and - low morale due to having no say and experiencing regular disrespect. Retail workers deserve better, so we the undersigned demand that employers: - prioritize training for employees on their basic rights as workers in NYC/NYS; - provide new incentives for workers during the holidays, like time and a half pay, extra breaks on 10+ hour days and/or comp time for future use; - an option for workers to have a choice to work the holidays instead of being forced to do so; and - adhere to the current city & state laws that help retail workers strive toward more balanced lives.
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    Created by jedidiah labinjo Picture
  • Hey Google: Stop Retaliation and Scare Tactics Against Workers
    What has happened to many Googlers recently can happen to any of us. Google is blatantly and illegally using its power to retaliate against those who speak out about unethical projects and workplace issues like discrimination and harassment. And in many instances it’s using its sham of an HR investigation process to hide its activities and harass whistleblowers. Here are stories of Google contingent and full-time employees who have recently been retaliated against: [1] Claire Stapleton and Meredith Whittaker were pushed out of Google for organizing the Women's March in response to unchecked sexual harassment by Google executives: [2] The Thanksgiving Four were fired under false claims for protesting unethical projects at Google: [3] Chelsey Glasson witnessed and experienced pregnancy discrimination, and was retaliated against for reporting the discrimination: [4] Henry Ramirez & Jorge Nelson, two contingent workers in Google UK, were terminated for protesting poor working conditions: [5] Other stories can be found here: PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO SHOW GOOGLE THAT YOU STAND WITH THE WORKERS ABOVE WHO HAVE BEEN RETALIATED AGAINST AND THAT SUCH BEHAVIOR WON’T BE TOLERATED.
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  • End Hardship at the REI Co-Op!
    REI retail employees with the support of over 6 million REI members, are calling on REI to eliminate the widespread hardship that exists for its retail workers. We are asking that REI be a leader in the retail industry by providing its dedicated retail workforce the following benefits: guaranteed stable hours, more full-time opportunity, a sustainable living wage and three week advance notice of schedules.
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    Created by Alpine Anderson Picture