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To: Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks

Starbucks Baristas deserve a $1,500 bonus for working during the Pandemic.

On July 8, 2021, Microsoft announced it would give its employees a $1,500 bonus for working during the Pandemic. Microsoft paid an estimated 200 million dollars in bonuses. On August 6, 2021, Walmart announced it would give its employees weekly bonuses. In our opinion, Starbucks Baristas deserve a $1,500 bonus for working during the Pandemic.

Starbucks announced earnings on July 27, 2021. Our net revenues were up 78% to a record 7.5 billion dollars, and US store sales grew 82%. 80% of that revenue came from the stores. We Baristas sell food and make handcrafted drinks. Our actions create wealth for all Starbucks employees.

A reminder of how everyone in the company gets paid. The customer pays us, we have jobs thanks to our customers. Baristas have relationships with our customers. When our customers visit our stores a Barista takes their payment and gives the order to Baristas on the bar, once the drink is made, the drink and smile are delivered to our customers. Our actions create value and wealth for Starbucks shareholders and pay all Starbucks employees. 40 percent of the revenue a Starbucks store generates happens between 6:30 am and 9:30 am during the week. Why do we not have executive staff and support staff helping us during this time?

The Starbucks Board of Directors has approved a 50 million dollar cash bonus for our CEO, Kevin R. Johnson, on top of the $19 million he already receives. According to Bloomberg News, the median Starbucks employee received compensation worth $12,754 per year in 2018, including salary and stock. When Mr. Johnson collects his cash bonus, he will be receiving approximately $16,826 dollars an hour based on a forty-hour workweek. Starbucks shareholders on March 17 of this year, in a non-binding vote, cast their ballots against this bonus for Mr. Johnson.

We Baristas stand with ISS and fellow proxy-advisory firm Glass Lewis on advising our shareholders on withholding the bonus to Mr. Johnson. We Baristas have provided more value and revenue than the executive team of Starbucks. 80 percent of Starbucks management is in the stores in the form of Shift Managers. There are a minimum of five Shifts per store. We make millions of decisions per year to satisfy customers’ concerns. Baristas assist us in making split-second decisions to make the moment right for the customer.

Mr. Johnson and his executive staff know we struggle in the stores to meet customers’ needs and expectations. This problem is intensified by the labor shortage and Baristas burning out. When Ping, a manufacturer of golf clubs, saw their sales rise by 50 percent due to golf being the perfect social distancing sport. John K. Solheim, Ping’s President, faced the same problems of labor shortages. Mr. Solheim’s common-sense solution was to ask non-production workers to work the production line. And... Mr. Solheim also made golf clubs on the production line.

Why is this important?

According to Macrotrends, an investor research platform, Starbucks cash on hand for the quarter ending June 30, 2021, was $4.907 Billion. (Cash on hand can be defined as cash deposits at financial institutions that can immediately be withdrawn at any time.)

One line in the company mission statement reads, “We are performance-driven, through the lens of humanity.” We call on executive management to look through that lens and put on a store apron and join us in the stores. Give Baristas a bonus for creating value.

If you agree, executive management should put on an apron and make lattes. And if you agree Baristas deserve a $1,500 bonus, please sign this petition. Sign if you are a Starbucks shareholder, a Starbucks Barista, or a Starbucks customer.

Thanks a latte!

Unnamed Barista Spokesperson

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Reasons for signing

  • 12 years at Starbucks and never had this job been so physically mentally and emotionally demanding. I still don’t make a wage I could live off all by myself without a second income and i’m a Supervisor.
  • The salaries of CEOs today is ridiculous. At least give your hardest workers on the front line a living wage.
  • I’ve been with the company for 9 years. I make the same amount as a new barista. Because I moved to different markets, they gave me base pay. I was a supervisor for 6 years.


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