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To: Starbucks

Starbucks: respect the right to organize and stop union busting!

Starbucks partners across the country are proud to wear the green apron. We love our jobs serving coffee, connecting with our customers, and making peoples' days in our community. Yet many of us know that Starbucks can do better, both for workers and customers. That's why over 8,000 Starbucks workers across the country, like me, are organizing unions at our stores -- we want a real seat at the table and a say in our working conditions. We are fighting for everything from stable work schedules and better staffing, to better pay, health and safety on the job, and accountability for management. We love Starbucks, and we want to make Starbucks better.

Instead of recognizing and affirming our right as workers to unionize, Starbucks has decided to respond to our organizing with a vicious anti-union campaign. Corporate has spread misinformation about our union, threatened to take away benefits if we unionize (which they cannot legally do), cut our hours, and more. We have filed over 300 Unfair Labor Practice charges against the company, and the National Labor Relations Board has investigated and found merit in charges that include over 500 separate allegations of employer misconduct. In their latest escalation, Starbucks has taken their union-busting to the extreme and is now firing union leaders across the country. We have documented over 80 union leaders that have been fired for their organizing efforts.

We demand that Starbucks recognize our right to organize and stop their union busting! We must demand that Starbucks immediately reinstate the unjustly fired workers and put an end to their anti-union campaign!

Why is this important?

I've worked for Starbuck for 12 years, and I proudly helped to lead the organizing at my store, The Elmwood Ave location in Buffalo, NY, which is the first unionized Starbucks in the country. My coworkers and I organized because we want to have a true partnership with Starbucks, to help make it the company we believe it can be.




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