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To: Starbucks

Stop Forced Arbitration at Starbucks

Stop Forced Arbitration at Starbucks

Starbucks has a policy of Forced Arbitration. Forced Arbitration takes away your right to sue in a court of law in cases over Sexual Harassment or Discrimination against Starbucks. If you are awarded money in these disputes, the company may require you to sign an agreement to never speak about the incident. This is known as a Non-disclosure agreement.

If you are an employee of Starbucks hired after October of 2014 you have agreed to the terms of Forced Arbitration. Like signing onto Facebook, when you clicked on the terms you lost something, with Facebook it was the right to your data, with Starbucks it was your right to sue.

Forced Arbitration can settle workplace disputes behind closed doors with no ability to appeal. This agreement prevents you from taking your dispute with Starbucks to a courtroom where it would be decided by a jury of your peers. Due process is an American principle.

On February 21, 2019, Google announced it would end the use of Forced Arbitration for its employees.

Why is this important?

On May 29th, 2018 Starbucks closed its doors to give Partners Anti-Bais Training. The Leadership of our company should have shared with Partners that Starbucks had a policy of Forced Arbitration.

The leadership of Starbucks did not see the opportunity in this crisis of rights; they need to follow the example set by Google.

By signing this petition, you agree that Forced Arbitration should not be part of our employment with Starbucks. No employee at any company should be required to waive their right to sue, to participate in a class-action lawsuit, or lose their right to appeal.

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Thank you.

Tom Troy
15-year Partner, not under Forced Arbitration.
On Twitter reach us @WeTheBarisatas


Reasons for signing

  • Having witnessed harassment and abuse first hand at my store, it is unacceptable to force partners through avenues of resolution often with the same people who are abusing them.
  • After reporting to my manager that the ASM touched me inappropriately, the first words out of her lips after getting off the phone with corporate were ‘You signed a non disclosure when you were hired’. No ‘are you ok’, just a quick- you can’t speak about this. In the end the company I worked at for 5 years told me that what he did was not overtly sexual, so there was nothing they would do. I left. I won’t stay and support something like that. I want to leave a better world for my nieces.
  • As a 5-year employee, I saw how loath the company is to address these issues. With the open threat of litigation, the company will be forced to address workplace harassment rather than having inexperienced and ham-fisted managers and district managers try to damage control issues where their primary focus is still on profits rather than justice.


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