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To: Brian Cornell

Stop Target's "Modernization Plan"

Sign this petition to let Target executives know we Target team members demand the Modernization Plan be stopped!

Why is this important?

Target has rolled out a new plan called "Modernization" which is turning our jobs into Amazon jobs. New metric systems to monitor our movements and progress, time limits with the threat of disciplinary action, and unrealistic workloads which team members cannot fulfill, setting us up for failure and creating an incredibly stressful experience where we live under the constant threat of "coachings" for not meeting these unrealistic expectations.

Target tries to justify this on the basis of raising our wages, but Target also has slashed our hours so we actually have less time to do even more work. This makes Target more money and gives us less despite the wage being raised. This is what Amazon has done with their recent wage increase to $15 an hour.

We want a stop to the "Modernization Plan" so we can give our community members the full attention they deserve when they come to our stores. We need more workers on the salesfloor, more workers on the registers, and end this ridiculous multitasking that stretches us too thin and upsets our community members who can't find workers to help them find the items they need.



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