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To: PSAV Leadership, Charlie Young Chief Human Resources Officer,

Support PSAV Riggers

Support PSAV Riggers

Stop interfering in your riggers’ efforts to join together in union, recognize your employees’ right organize, and withdraw your appeal to the NLRB ruling that they are an independent unit.

Why is this important?

PSAV is a company that runs the audio-visual services at hotels and other venues across the country. In the Washington, DC area, they make sure guests can conduct their presentations at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center, the Marriott Marquis, and the Trump International Hotel, among many others.

Recently, PSAV’s rigging employees in DC, who do the hard and often dangerous work of building truss and structures for presentations at the hotels and convention centers, decided to join together in union and be represented by IATSE Local 22. At every turn PSAV has objected to their union, even going as far as to attempt to halt their lawful National Labor Relations Board election.

Joining together with your co-workers to organize a union is a fundamental right recognized in U.S. labor law. It’s even affirmed in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Tell PSAV to STOP interfering with workers’ rights, and to recognize the employees’ decision to speak up together. PSAV must negotiate a fair contract that raises workers’ wages, provides health care and other essential benefits, and protects their safety.

The conference industry is an important part of our city’s economy. We want to be sure that when people visit our city, they see the best we have to offer, with skilled workers building safe structures for all events at our hotels. Tell PSAV to do the right thing and support their workers’ desire to come together.

Reasons for signing

  • All workers deserve a voice and the right to unionize
  • To help the rigging team grow
  • I am a Union IATSE Rigger in locals from Brooklyn NY to Lititz PA and will support my Sisters and Brothers whose job is held at the highest standard. No questions asked.


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