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To: Brian Cornell, CEO of Target

Tell Target: Shipt shoppers need paid leave, too.

Tell Target: Shipt shoppers need paid leave, too.

Everyone needs paid leave to care for themselves or a family member--especially during a global pandemic. Ensure that everyone working in Target stores has access to paid family and medical leave, including Shipt shoppers who are putting their health and their families at risk to deliver groceries during this crisis.

Why is this important?

Target’s grocery delivery service, Shipt, is more popular than ever. Demand is so high the company has hired tens of thousands more “shoppers” to shop for and deliver orders to Target customers in the past few months. The delivery service has become a major driver of Target’s increased revenue during the pandemic.

But Shipt’s 100,000+ shoppers don’t have access to the same paid family and medical leave benefits that other Target employees have. If they get sick, or need to care for a family member, they’re on their own. And the pay is so low, many Shipt shoppers can’t afford to take time off without paid leave--even if it puts their health and their families at risk. In fact, most Target store employees get up to 150 days of paid medical leave, and 4 weeks of family caregiving leave--but the Shipt shoppers who deliver the products to our homes don’t get any.

Shipt shoppers are working side by side with Target store employees, serving Target customers, in Target stores--but don’t have access to the same paid leave to support themselves and their families. Target--which is one of the largest retailers in the country--can afford to protect EVERYONE who works in its stores as well as its customers during this pandemic. That’s why Shipt shoppers are coming together to demand that Target provide paid leave to EVERYONE who works in its stores. Will you sign the petition?

Reasons for signing

  • All workers need some flexibility in their jobs. It is for the good of the entire family.
  • This is nuts. Driving is SO stressful- anyone who does it for a living should be paid more. To give no benefits as well as garbage pay? Target, you're killing my appreciation for you.
  • Seems fair


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