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To: CEO of Uber: Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber): Tell us where you stand.

Travis Kalanik, the CEO of Uber, sits as an economic advisor to Trump. This means he has an obligation to speak out against our President; advising him to do the just thing when our President does something immoral and unconstitutional.

I'm calling on Travis to speak out against the President's executive order on immigration and take a strong stance, like other companies. We put him at an even higher standard because many of Travis' drivers are immigrants as these bans will affect them in a grave way.

Why is this important?

Dear Travis Kalanick,

I was an Uber driver who has now deleted his app and will be no longer driving for Uber. This is why:

You currently sit as an economic advisor to President Trump. This means you have direct access to speak to the President about the issues and policies he's pushing forward in America. One issue that is currently affecting America as we know it is the President's recent executive order on immigration: many to know it as the "immigration ban."

This should be important to you because many of your Uber drivers are immigrants. And, currently, you have yet to make a strong stance to whether or not you are against this ban.

Yes, you have said you will take care of the drivers who are affected by this ban, and then after a wave of social media pressure, you conveniently made steps to put up a fund to provide any legal help for drivers who struggle from this ban.

However, with that said, you have yet to make any strong deliberate notions that you will stand up to the President when you meet with him. You said you will discuss with the President on the issue and it affects your business. But, there is a lack of transparency to whether or not you're going to make an effort to say that his ban is unconstitutional and that you will do all you can to reverse the President's executive order.

Other companies have made a strong stance. For example, LYFT donated $1,000,000 to the ACLU; Airbnb said they will house refugees for free; the co-founder of Google was spotted protesting at SFO.

It is clear what these other CEOs stand for, so I ask, why can't you?

You have an obligation to let us all know where you stand because you sit at the table with Trump. I recall, in one of your recent posts, you said that you've "never shied away (maybe to my detriment) from fighting for what’s right."

Well, I implore you. I ask you.

What do you define as "fighting for what's right?"

I would like to know.

Your drivers. Your users.

The world.

Will be watching.


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I explained more about why I deleted my Uber account and made the conscious decision to no longer drive for Uber on Facebook here: