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To: Linfox

Treat workers like humans Linfox

Treat workers like humans Linfox

Stop standing down workers that are older or have had an injury. Stop driving labour-hire casuals that replace these people to work at unsafe speeds, which leads to injury and unemployment.

Why is this important?

John has worked for Linfox/Coles for 37 years as a forklift driver. He has been a loyal employee with a great work record. John is now 65 years old and has been stood down without pay after a company doctor said that John cannot perform every job at the warehouse.

John's personal doctor has said he is fit to return to the work. However, after so many year's of strenuous work, it would be crazy to expect John to lift heavy boxes at high speeds.

John just wants a little bit of loyalty back after almost four decades of service. Finding a job that meets both the company's needs and John's would be an easy resolution, which Linfox Management should be making a priority.

Linfox Management have left John in limbo, with no termination certificate he is unable to claim the pension.

Workers at Linfox in Truganina make sure Victorians can access food on the shelves at Coles. It's time they were treated with some respect, not thrown on the scrap heap without concern.

How it will be delivered

Members of the NUW will deliver this petition to Linfox Management with John

Reasons for signing

  • I was also Sacked by Linfox Fuels Padstow for bringing to managements attention a MAJOR SAFETY ISSUE
  • I am disgusted that Linfox Management who no doubt receive high salaries can leave a worker without pay and with no way of claiming a pension.
  • No employer has the right to discriminate against someone because of their age, age is not a disease it's a natural progression of life. Linfox/Coles show some loyalty and compassion.


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