To: the owner Chris Chuang

#vapoRISE with Beyond Vape workers!

#vapoRISE with Beyond Vape workers!

*The commission structure should be attainable & clearly defined

*Better scheduling in advance, better hours, & an end to understaffing, which has prevented workers from taking breaks

*Management to employee communication must improve (training programs, policy changes, & company-wide protocols)

*Workers shouldn’t be classified and given responsibilities beyond their respective positions unless they’re being compensated for such responsibilities

*Nobody should be subject to disrespect on the job and we are no exception.

Why is this important?

We the workers of Beyond Vape enjoy the culture and community we work within. We respect our customers and take the quality and proper use of the products they purchase very seriously. We work to create an environment that is comfortable, dignified and respectful for Beyond Vape Customers. Unfortunately, we do not find ourselves treated in the same manner

Beyond Vape is one of the largest and most profitable vaping company chains in New York City and we, its workers, provide consistent professionalism and quality service, helping to maintain loyal customers who are committed to purchasing their product. We deserve to be compensated for our hard work and should not have to face hardships while juggling the responsibilities between our everyday lives, families, school and our jobs. On August 1st Beyond Vape workers,frustrated with the lack of clarity, dignity and respect on the job, decided to collectively deliver a petition to the owner Chris Chuang, Since the petition delivery the company has retaliated with harsh neglect and little to no change in the store conditions.

With your help we can raise awareness to these issues and have them changed. We ask that as Beyond Vape customers, you sign this petition to support us in our work to get the company to treat us with dignity, respect our personal lives and compensate us fairly. We want to continue to provide quality service at Beyond Vape and your support will help us do that.

Reasons for signing

  • I'm a customer at multiple Beyond Vape locations. i like to patronize businesses that treat their employees with respect.
  • This is our local vape shop for 2+ years now, we love the staff. ~ cameo & anthony
  • We love sila!


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