Veterans / Disabled Vets Discrimation at GE Aviation Vicotrville

Veterans / Disabled Vets Discrimation at GE Aviation Vicotrville

Sign to bring light to the despicable practices happing in the Flight Line Dept of GE Aviation.

Why is this important?

GE Aviation in Victorville CA is singling out military veterans both disabled and not in an effort to unjustifiedly terminate their employment. Half our co-workers are veterans hired from previous management. After the new management has taken over they started being highly discriminatory towards there disabled veteran and veteran staff. Previous to this point these veterans we're also highly awarded and decorated under previous management. However; under the new management whenever someone is written up for anything it's always a veteran. I personally was recently terminate for reasons that were trivial and all the veterans there have experienced this herassment and are willing to attest to similar mistreatment. Several of us have documentation showing over a year of herassment with dates and times. Showing the difference in how the managers treat nonveterans vs veterans. It's severely different treatment. Most of the department is willing to speak out about it. Many others are in line to loose their jobs just for being military veterans.  

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