To: All Who Value Opera, Artistic Excellence, and a Vibrant Arts Economy in New York City and Worldwide

We are The Met Opera: Save Our Season!

The musicians of the MET orchestra would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who took the time to sign our petition to save the upcoming season at the Metropolitan Opera. We are grateful and greatly humbled by your willingness to make your voices heard. The coming season will indeed begin September 22nd.

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We are The Met Opera: Save Our Season!

Opera lovers everywhere are dismayed by management’s recent decision to warn the Metropolitan Opera’s employees of an impending lockout. At best, this is a threat meant to weaken Met employees at the negotiating table; at worst, it is an indication that management has no intention of bargaining in good faith.

The artists, workers, and craftspeople of the Met are its product. We play in the pit and sing onstage; we build, transport, and light the sets; we create costumes and makeup; we give tickets at Will Call, accept tickets at the door, keep people safe while in the house, and so much more. Repeated assertions from management that salaries and benefits accounting for two-thirds of the budget is “unsustainable” are disingenuous. Management’s insistence that audiences are either dying off or no longer interested in the art form is troubling, as companies in Chicago, Vienna, Houston, and London, are reporting increased attendance, donations, and enthusiasm for opera.

Since 2006, the budget of the Met has grown by over 50%, while employees’ base compensation has barely kept pace with inflation. Lavish new productions have cost an average of nearly two-thirds more than those premiered less than ten years ago. The MET Orchestra Musicians have proposed cost-saving measures, including reductions in overtime spending, that would reduce the budget by over $30 million per year.

Please join us in encouraging Met Opera management to engage in good-faith negotiations and avert a lockout at one of New York City's preeminent cultural institutions. Say No to a lockout and Yes to a Met Opera season!

Why is this important?

A lockout and a cancelled Met Opera season would be devastating to the artists, craftspeople, and other workers who make the Met Opera one of the world's finest cultural institutions. It would also harm businesses in New York City's cultural sector and the Lincoln Center area that depend on the Metropolitan Opera for their livelihoods. We believe the Met’s problems are solvable without a cancelled season. We wish the Met to remain an engine of the NYC cultural and tourism economy—and to continue to thrill audiences young and old for decades to come.


Reasons for signing

  • The Met is a valuable institution not only for people who can attend performances, but others who enjoy the simulcasts of fabulous singers, musicians and people behind the scenes, including those who make the sets and costumes. SAVE THE MET!
  • People are hungry for a quality of music with which the Met was once equated. Flashy productions can be great when budgets flow, but art is still art when it is stripped bare. Let the quality of work stand for itself. A lockout is never a solution, but another obstacle in this troubling time for western art music. Let us instead join together in celebration that this music exists, and that we, in some small way, get to carry on its legacy.
  • A musical company is just a structure needed to support the musicians, after all. The administration should look to their mission, and their community, and find a better way forward.


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