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To: American Airlines CEO Doug Parker

American Airlines: WE WANT STOOLS

American Airlines: WE WANT STOOLS

Customer service agents spend countless hours standing in one place on their feet. We are expected to work mandatory overtime and work delayed flights on our feet for 8 to 12 hours a day. Why can’t the Airline that wants us to be there to help our customers provide us with a way to relieve the stress on our legs?

Why is this important?

After many years of working customer service under very stressful situations, it has become increasingly difficult to stand in one place for countless hours. It would be beneficial to everyone, including our customers, to provide some type of stool.


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because the wear and tear on my back, legs and feet from standing for 10 plus hours is taking a toll on me. I'm 39 and when I leave for the night I'm walking around hunched over from back pains, legs and feet throbbing. It affects my sleeping due to the pain.
  • I signed because my feet are damaged because of it. Does not make for a productive long term effect if we don't have stools to assist us and protect us during these long grueling work hours.
  • I've developed terrible knee & calf pain since I started this job. And my entire life I've been standing behind a hair chair without issue, because I am able to sit periodically to lessen the stress of standing. Something needs to give. We need our bodies healthy to perform our jobs well!!


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Check out CBS News press coverage of this campaign:

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