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To: American Airlines CEO Doug Parker

American Airlines: WE WANT STOOLS

American Airlines: WE WANT STOOLS

Customer service agents spend countless hours standing in one place on their feet. We are expected to work mandatory overtime and work delayed flights on our feet for 8 to 12 hours a day. Why can’t the Airline that wants us to be there to help our customers provide us with a way to relieve the stress on our legs?

Why is this important?

After many years of working customer service under very stressful situations it has become increasingly difficult to stand in one place for countless hours. It would be beneficial to everyone including our customers to provide some type of stool.


Reasons for signing

  • I have worked for AA for the last three years. I’m fairly young and noticed my feet hurting more and becoming wider. Also we are not permitted to sit in the boarding areas.
  • I have scoliosis and standing for hours takes a toll on my back. Sometimes pain is unbearable and I still have to tough it out and work my shifts. A stool would be an option for those days my back can’t handle the pain.
  • In many other countries (like in Europe) we see stools. This can be done safely.


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