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To: Jeff Bezos and Whole Foods

Whole Foods: Employees need paid leave and COVID-19 support

Whole Foods: Employees need paid leave and COVID-19 support

Provide adequate paid family and medical leave, hazard pay, and free COVID-19 testing to all Whole Foods employees.

Why is this important?

Whole Foods employees are putting their lives on the line every day to keep our kitchens stocked during a global pandemic. But while the company rakes in the profits from record sales, the workers on the front lines of this crisis are getting sick. Because Whole Foods offers no paid family and medical leave, employees can’t afford to take time off if they get sick or if they need to stay home to care for a family member or themselves.

Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, whose CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth. Most grocery store workers live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to stay home without pay, even if they’re sick, or if they have an underlying health condition that puts them in greater danger if they contract COVID-19. But Whole Foods refuses to offer paid family and medical leave, putting employees, customers, and the public at risk.

Whole Foods employees are speaking out and demanding basic protections, including paid leave, hazard pay, and free testing for COVID-19. And the pressure is growing--employees staged a “sick out” in protest, attorneys general in 15 states have asked Bezos to change the leave policy, and news outlets all over the country are covering the story. If we all speak out right away, we can keep the pressure on Bezos and Whole Foods to provide paid leave to all employees--but we have to act fast.

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  • My brother works for whole foods
  • I feel my friends are in danger. This needs to be taken care of
  • I signed because I believe Jeff Bezos should send all people with amazon prime a stimulus check.


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