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To: Todd Jones

$15 Minimum Wage for all Publix employees

Mr. Jones, I urge you to raise the minimum wage for all of your employees to fifteen dollars an hour. The current pay rate is far too low for anyone to live on. Hundreds of thousands of your employees are struggling to provide for their families, having to choose between rent and food. Many of us have to take on multiple jobs or go on welfare just to survive and that is no way to live. We love working for Publix and take great pride and love in making our customers feel happy and welcome. However, all of our hard work and effort do not feel rewarded with the current pay rate and it is quite disheartening.

I truly do believe that Publix is the greatest company to work for and that we are more than a cut above our competition but Whole Foods, Target, Aldi's and even Walmart have raised their minimum wages. Because of our commitment to making our customers happy ( which I know we out-perform our competitors) our emphasis on making real connections have garnered us with such praise and admiration. It is time to turn that same fiery passion, compassion, and commitment to the hard-working force of Publix and pass onto them the living wage of fifteen dollars an hour.

Why is this important?

A living wage is the most urgent concern for all workers. It reflects how much a company values its employees and their dignity as human beings. With the cost of living rising ever higher and wages continuing to stagnate, the working class continues to deteriorate and if this goes on there will be nothing left to salvage. These current circumstances are already unsustainable, it is past time that we are rewarded for all of our continued hard work. Individual states have already started to introduce $15 minimum wages and those states are flourishing. Publix is a pleasure to shop and work at, we provide better service than our contemporaries and yet they have raised their wages (Aldi's, Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart ). I believe that if we provide the best service that our wages should reflect that. If you agree then please sign, it's not too late to regain our dignities back.

(I'm using a pseudonym)


Reasons for signing

  • I work too hard to receive too little
  • I have no money yet I work like 35 hours a week at Publix.
  • Not nuff money


2020-01-15 11:07:47 -0500

I'm proud to say we're getting closer and closer to 4,000 signatures. We're at 3,697 signatures at the moment and our momentum is only increasing

2019-12-04 13:07:14 -0500

Good afternoon everyone, I am so proud at the progress we have made. We have jumped to 3,241 signatures and I know this is just the beginning. I know that if we keep sharing this to friends, family, social media etc. that we can continue to climb this plateau and make even bigger strides.

2019-12-02 12:09:12 -0500

1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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